Dare to be different – TEN Reasons why Gen. Sarath Fonseka . . .

2009 දෙසැම්බර් 21 at ප.ව. 7:32 (Dare to be different)

We have another complain regarding  Mr. Perera’s blog. This time it is by an anonymous poster.

1. HE IS CLEVER: Gen. Fonseka started at the lowest ranks of the army and rose to the very top. Then he ended a 30 year long ‘unending’ war. Need I say more?

Can you imagine even a distant relative of Rajapakse family living in a house like this?

2. HE IS HONEST: Having led the army when it did procurements of unprecedented levels, Gen. Fonseka could have made fortunes for seven more generations, even with 1% cuts. He did not. All he owned at retirement were a 15 perch land at Bokundara, Piliyandala with a house – that cost LKR 1.2 million for construction, a Mercedes Benz, and LKR 641,000 in bank. His wife has bank balances of LKR 23,307 and USD 2,952 and jewelry worth a little more than LKR 1.6 million. He is much poorer than Wimal Weerawansa, MP.

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Anonymous said:

1. Messers Mahinda Rajapakshe and Ranil Wickramsinghe also started at the lowest level in politics and ended up a highest place. There is nothing special about Sarath Fonseka in that note. Calling Sarath Fonseka ended the war shows intellectual dishonesty. It’s a team work and, it’s captain is no one other than your nemesis Mahinda Rajapakshe. Sarath Fonseka did nothing more or nothing special that Karnnagoda or Goonewardane regarding the war. Infact all three war-lords have done roughly equally. And daring people like Brig. Shavindra Silva are the ones who brought SF the fame. What would have been SF’s contribution in the war? possibly 20% or less.

2. Don’t be a joke. We know how politicians and to be politicians declare their wealth. I bet millions will be in his bank accounts in USA. And see what happens when MR declares his. There will be nothing major. But we both know that SF and MR are not declaring their true wealth.

3. He has already. He has promised to cancel the Executive Presidency. But he or your beloved leader fails to explain how. UNP can take 2/3 of votes at parliamentary elections in their wildest and wettest dreams only.

4. His intention is revenge, and nothing else. It’s far worse than serving the family.

5. You have seen that President can plow using a till (it is in video). But that does not mean doing that makes a person to identify the pulse of people. It’s sad to said that MR is the one who is done so. On the other hand we dn’t know whether SF could really canoe. It may be a just a pose. Why don’t you post a video?

6. Few months earlier the same SF said that SL belongs to Sinhalese and minorities should not ask for favors on the basis of being a minority. Do you agree with this? And post evidence that SF represents Tamils, not from recent election speeches, some time before this. And MP Mr. Shivajilingam has clearly stated that SF does not represent Tamils. So Ajith, you are caught pants down.

7. So MR is correct in believing the same Indian security advisory regarding a military coup? Or are you practicing double standards?

8. Did MR run from challenge? Even when your party challenged him to come to the election? When this very blog talked up about that challenge. How about taking the diplomatic challenge from Western countries head on?

9. He was above politics. But after what he has told about Gota, he’s few blocks below that now. He may rise from their, but will never rise above politics, specially when he’s joined hands with UNP.

10. So why do you conveniently forget MRs part? Sorry you are a hypocrite. Big fat, ugly hypocrite.

And it was MR who brought SF to military commandship. No MR, no SF


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